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Chen-Chen Huo And Antony Bello
Chen-Chen Huo and Antony Bello are the visionaries behind a revolutionary food delivery and logistics platform designed to deliver fresh, chef-driven meals straight to your door.

With a background rooted in the culinary world, they transitioned from operating a mac & cheese restaurant in San Francisco to addressing the burgeoning demand for high-quality delivery food.

Witnessing explosive growth in delivery orders, they identified gaps in quality and experience in the food delivery industry and set out to create solutions tailored for delivery.

Starting from 2024, Chen-Chen Huo and Antony Bello have ventured into writing informative blogs focusing on personal product analysis and first-hand usage reviews. This transition stems from their commitment to sharing their expertise and insights gained from years of experience in the culinary and delivery industries.

Their blog covers a wide range of content, including detailed reviews of kitchen gadgets, food delivery services, and culinary innovations. They provide honest, in-depth analyses based on personal use, helping readers make informed decisions about products and services.

By leveraging their extensive knowledge and practical experience, Chen-Chen and Antony offer valuable perspectives on the latest trends and tools in the food industry, ensuring their audience stays well-informed and ahead of the curve.
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